AP Microeconomics Quizlet Assignments

We are going to begin using quizlet as a graded assessment for vocabulary review. In addition to your vocabulary quizzes each unit, you will complete quizlet assignments prior to each quiz. Here is a success criteria explanation on how to maximize your overall grade on this assignment. Quizlet Vocab Practice Success Criteria

The steps to complete are below:

Step #1:  Practice with the vocabulary set using the study features.  You must complete practice with the Flashcards or Learn study features.  You may choose to only use one method as long as you complete the set.  You will not earn full credit unless you have completed one. Worth 30 points

Step #2:  Play one of the games.  You may choose between Match or Gravity.  You must complete the game to earn full credit.  Gravity is complete at the end of level 3. Worth 30 points

Step #3:  Take the test.  When setting up the test, make sure you have included ALL WORDS in the set and ONLY check the box for MULTIPLE-CHOICE.  Like the other features, you can redo the assignment until you improve.  Take the multiple-choice test until you earn a 100%. Worth 40 points

This assignment is worth a total of 100 points. You will do this for each vocabulary unit we complete. You may be assigned to go back and complete for prior vocabulary units as well.


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