AP Microeconomics Syllabus Addendum regarding EOC change


This statement is a revision for the Fall 2019 AP Microeconomics syllabus. The State Board of Education approved an AP/IB amendment to the testing rule (160-3-1-.07) at its November 7, 2019, meeting. The new rule takes effect on November 27, 2019, and exempts all AP/IB students in AP Microeconomics from the End of Course testing that our calendar originally indicated would take place on December 9 – 10, 2019. Our course calendar will be updated accordingly to reflect this change.

Cobb County will be implementing a replacement assessment for AP/IB students that will take the place of the EOC requirement expressed in the original syllabus. This assessment will comparable in rigor to the EOC and will still count as 20% of your final grade.

To download a copy of the primary page of the syllabus and this statement, please click Fall 2019 Syllabus Addendum

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