US Government Constitution Unit Online Learning – March 23, 2020

You received Domain 3 Constitution Vocabulary vocabulary sheet in class and should use it, along with this quizlet to learn and review your vocabulary.

You will use the notes on this page to complete the assignments on schoology in the Foundations folder. You should take the notes first before working on the schoology assignments. 

Assignments for this unit:

Quizlet: US Government Domain 3 Constitution – complete a game, a learning session and take a practice quiz. You MUST join the class and be signed in to do these assignments.

  • If you have not joined 2nd block, click this link to join
  • If you have not joined 4th block, click this link to join


  1. Complete the Constitution Scavenger Hunt on Schoology.
    1. Hard copy Constitution Scavenger Hunt
    2. Link to the Constitution in your textbook (if it doesn’t open to the Constitution, do a search with the magnifying glass for “References” then look down the list. This version has explanations out to the side for each section. 
    3. PDF version of the Constitution including Amendments
  2. Applying the Principles of the Constitution assignment on Schoology
  3. Amendment Scavenger Hunt assignment on Schoology
  4. Preamble to the Constitution assignment on Schoology

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