US Government Legislative Branch Online Learning March 30 – April 3, 2020

This is your quizlet for this unit. You will use it to learn and review your vocabulary.

You will use the notes on this page to complete the assignments on schoology in the Legislative Branch folder. You should take the notes first before working on the schoology assignments. 

Assignments for this unit:

Quizlet: US Government Domain 5 Legislative Branch

    • On Monday you should complete the Flashcards section to begin learning the words.
    • On Tuesday you should complete the Learn section.
    • On Wednesday, we will host a quizlet Live session to review
    • By Friday, you need to complete a test on Quizlet. Submit a screenshot of your test score (showing your name, the test and a couple questions) to the Schoology assignment in the Legistlative branch folder. 
  • If you have not joined 2nd block, click this link to join
  • If you have not joined 4th block, click this link to join


  1. Complete the I’m Just a Bill assignment on Schoology – due Wednesday, April 1st
    1. You will watch the video linked in the assignment instructions and then complete the questions. This assignment is NOT resumable so you must be able to complete it once you start.
  2. Create a Congressional Want Ad assignment on Schoology – due Tuesday, March 31st
  3. Congressional Membership House of Representatives and Senate Assignment on Schoology – due Wednesday, April 1st
  4. Impeachment Assignment on Schoology (a physical copy is linked Impeachment Assignment if you want to complete on paper first and then transcribe your answers to schoology) – due Thursday, April 2nd
    1. Copy of the The Annenberg Guide to the United States Constitution you will use to complete this assignment
  5. Who Represents Me assignment on Schoology – due Friday, April 3rd

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