How to find your assignments in Microsoft Teams

Each class has a Team called either Government or AP Microeconomics. When you click on your Team, you will see different options depending on whether you are on a computer or a mobile device.

Regardless of what device you are on, you are looking for something class “Class Notebook”. On a computer, it will be at the top as a link. See photo below.

Gov Teams.JPG

On a mobile device, you have to do a few more clicks. First click the “General” link. Then when that opens click “More” and you should see the other options including class notebook.

Screenshot_20200403-130922_Teams.jpg Screenshot_20200413-203515_Teams.jpg

If you are using a mobile device,  you will need another program in addition to Teams to access the notebook. It will ask you to download OneNote as well.

Once in the Notebook you should see a section with your name and under that a folder that says “Assignments” (if on a PC you will need to probably click your name to see the folder). Click the Assignments folder and all your assignments will be in there. All assignments can be completed directly in the page and do not need to be printed or moved.

Mobile version:                                                      PC version:

Screenshot_20200420-094059_OneNote.jpg Gov Teams 2.JPG

Screenshot_20200420-094635_OneNote.jpg Gov Teams 3.JPG


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