Advanced Placement Economics

AP Microeconomics is a one semester 90 minute course covering both the required AP material as well as 3 units of regular level economics necessary for the state End of Course exam.

Course Syllabus AP Economics Syllabus 2016- 2017

This syllabus includes a calendar for the semester of testing dates and units for Fall 2016.

AP Economics Graphs AP Economics Graphs

The AP Exam will take place May 12, 2017 at 8:00AM. It is not mandatory that students take the exam but taking it will afford them excellent experience in taking a full college level exam as well as the opportunity to earn college level credit if they pass the test (passing requires a 3 or higher on the exam).

AP Economics Schedule Fall 2017

  • Unit 2 Part A Test (S/D/Equilibrium/Price Controls/Elasticity/CS/PS/DWL/Tax Incidence) – September 13th
  • Unit 2 Part B and C Test (Utility and Production Costs) – October 2nd
  • Unit 2 Part D Test (Market Structures) – October 13th
  • Unit 3 Test (Factor Markets) – October 25th
  • Unit 4 Test (Role of Government) – November 3rd
  • Macroeconomics Part 1 Test – November 14th
  • Macroeconomics Part 2 Test – November 28th
  • International Test – December 1st
  • Personal Finance Project – December 6th
  • End of Course Test – December 14th and 15th
  • Final Exam – December 20th




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