AP Economics Fall Break Work

AP Economics the following work is due the Monday we come back. Marginal Cost and Average Total Cost chart (back of the work we did today) Costs chart and practice Hungry Helen assignment Hungry Helen Thirsty Thelma assignment (on the same page as the Hungry Helen assignment) Marginal Utility and Production costs MC (multiple pages) Multiple Choice Questions over MU – Costs – MP Continue reading AP Economics Fall Break Work

AP Microeconomics Quizlet Assignments

We are going to begin using quizlet as a graded assessment for vocabulary review. In addition to your vocabulary quizzes each unit, you will complete quizlet assignments prior to each quiz. Here is a success criteria explanation on how to maximize your overall grade on this assignment. Quizlet Vocab Practice Success Criteria The steps to complete are below: Step #1:  Practice with the vocabulary set using the study features.  You must complete practice with the Flashcards or Learn study features.  You may choose to only use one method as long as you complete the set.  You will not earn full … Continue reading AP Microeconomics Quizlet Assignments

Warm up for Friday September 7th

Here is what you need to know for the warm up tomorrow. Be able to identify/draw the following graphs: Perfectly Elastic Perfectly Inelastic the points on a relatively elastic demand curve showing which is elastic, unit, inelastic   On a graph be able to identify equilibrium price equilibrium quantity consumer surplus producer surplus tax revenue deadweight loss price received by a producer after a tax Continue reading Warm up for Friday September 7th

AP Economics Online Class

AP students click on this link to join the online class with our textbook. Two ways to access the book: Option 1: Click this link Yeomans AP Microeconomics Fall 2018 Log in with this information Username: firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org Password: usual password to get into a school computer {If you have a common name, you might have random numbers after it. To find out what they are: Log in to StudentVUE using a web browser (not the app). From the navigation menu, select “Account Login Information” Under your picture, select “Account Login Information” again to view your username.} Click the correct course and … Continue reading AP Economics Online Class